Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Something new to start....

After nearly two years, or was it a longer time, with the Academy for Ladyship and the Vintage Sanatorium - it was time to change something. Time to discover something new. A few weeks ago i closed the Academy. But we have something new: A place called Pleasures in Style. The name maybe change, but the house is now ready to be visited. On the first picture you see me standing in front of the manor house.

The idea of the place is not completly different than the Academy was, but a little bit. The setting is still in the current times, and not in the past, even you may think so when you see some of the pictures. The main think is that the lady of the house (and thats me) belives that victorian, edwardian or sometimes a bit more naught burlesque Style to dress reveals the best parts of a Lady. Young unmarried Ladies are sent to the house to learn the final things after they have left, school, finishing school and before getting married, that may include also some more naughty activies, as in a more modest enviorment as a finishing school. Of course we have a few maids, but the place is not focused on any maid education as it was before in the academy. I reveal more on the new place here at this blog in the near future.

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