Thursday, January 30, 2014

From the Academy: Secretaries smart or dumb?

How does the society expect a good secretary? Nowadays of course completly different than in the 50s. And sucessfull secretary in retro times was surely more a sex object, to enlighten the athmosphere of an office through her apperance. And it was not expected that she is to clever. Taking some notes, making apointments and cooking coffe does not require an Einstein. Therfore we decided on our Maria to educate her in this way. As she is  a smart girl, she had to learn to be more on the simple side of life. And why not start to learn to make a nice giggle, even when situation is not for that. As she had some troubles with that, yes the mind still stays smart, she had to wear for a longer time a ring gag. This little neat device does not allow her more than to giggle. And the lesson was sucessfull...

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