Friday, January 31, 2014

Confessions of a Cuckquean

Ok I admit it. I think I am a cuckquean.

But like I said before if I were to take part in cuckqueaning, I would not fall into the normal definition.  There would be some domination going on. But it wouldn't be me being dominated.

It would be her.

I would be telling the lovely slut what to do.

I'd tell her when and how to suck his cock.

I'd tell her how to stroke him.

And I'd tell her when to bend over and take it in the ass like a good slut.

Because if you're going to fuck my man, you're going to do it my way.

I make up my own rules. I am a Domme Cuckquean

Want to take a peek into my naughty cuckquean fantasies?

Want to see what gets me off?
Awesome head animation

Something about this pic is just so freaking hot, just sitting back and watching some sexy chick blow him....mmmmm
And this one, watching another woman stroke him...

xmas fuck

That's right honey suck it good, do exactly as I say

Horny brunette takes pleasure giving blowjob while other woman watching

I love telling her what to do
eddiee321:  Come on baby. Respect your new b/f. Kneel down and greet him…
Go down on him now
thickpolishsausage:  Oh darling cum in her mouth so she can kiss me and I can taste you, then I will kiss you too. You like that.
Suck it hard
cucklust:  A good wife always makes sure the sluts suck his dick the way he loves it! bjaddict:  she may be pretty but she does not know how my husband likes his dick sucked.  GET DOWN THERE WHORE.
Deeper, you can do it
I fucking said,  "Take it bitch"
Fabulous chestnut in awesome deepthroat threesome gif
Now that's good
Incredible deepthroat solo gif image with a fabulous big tits
Keep doing it like that so I can play with my pussy
Amazing playing with self vagina animated photo featuring sexy rack stockings

"Do you like that, babe? Is she sucking you good?"
Amazing head threesome animated pic
Harder now...
Awesome deepthroat threesome gif
Awesome bj threesome animation

Ok, there's a peek into my fantasies

Now you can see where a few of  the erotica stories may be headed

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