Thursday, January 30, 2014

Post 81

The sexes in their assigned roles - she bares, he stares.

Sexist office worker tip

Smart girls have knowledge.

Again with the role playing - girls love to play games.

Another chick with a fact.

Maybe she needs a bigger size? Nah.

A fresh, clean paint job.

An old joke in cartoon format.

It's called a demotivator because he's not motivated to do anything else today.

Because cleavage sells songs.

Another old joke - this one on a cap.

The good girl vs. the whore.

You might want to buy this by the gallon - it's cheaper.

Joke time:

A young man approached the counter at a convenience store and asked the female clerk, "May I have six contraceptives, miss?"
"Don't 'miss' me," she replied.
"Okay," the man said. "Then make it seven."

Oversized? Or just right?

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