Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: The boy becomes maid

Some days ago i posted the short story about the boy that returns after he run away to the sanatorium. Here is what happens next. After several days of daily routine, to be in the Ground Cage, and clean nearly naked under control of the headmistress the house, it was decided that it is not aprobriate to be at the sanatorium naked. Even the manhood was under strict control by the metal cage, it was to annoying to female debutants at the place. So it was decided to put him in a neat maid outfit. He was squirming and fighting against the initial dressing, but some slaps on the cheek from the headmistress made him quickly willing to take the dress. To keep away his annoying sounds of protest, he was still strictlicy gagged.

But after some days, with continous reminder of his new duties, he seems to surrender, and started to look for his daily work as maid in the sanatorium.

One issue still remains, the natural male desire. With all the young ladies around it was obvious that he still feels some arousal sometimes. So it was decided to release this presssure through the use of the machine on the left...

The sanatorium is a big house, with a lot of work to do. Here you see him how he is cleaning in his pretty maid dress, the paintings on the wall. It was mentioned before that he was dressed as it not acceptable to be naked at the sanatorium. But to show is state of humilation it was decided that he is not allowed to wear a panty under the skirt. As there is no danger from it, because it is caged securely.

Also the floor has to be cleaned...

After some several days, the restraints could be a bit lifted. He was released from the gag, and was allowed to do his daily work also without further control through the headmistres. But to be leashed near the place of the work could not  be wrong. What happens next? You will see in a few days...

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