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Throwback Thursday Retro 70s Porn

Retro big boobs from the 70s- maybe even the 60s




Confessions of a Cuckquean

Ok I admit it. I think I am a cuckquean.

But like I said before if I were to take part in cuckqueaning, I would not fall into the normal definition.  There would be some domination going on. But it wouldn't be me being dominated.

It would be her.

I would be telling the lovely slut what to do.

I'd tell her when and how to suck his cock.

I'd tell her how to stroke him.

And I'd tell her when to bend over and take it in the ass like a good slut.

Because if you're going to fuck my man, you're going to do it my way.

I make up my own rules. I am a Domme Cuckquean

Want to take a peek into my naughty cuckquean fantasies?

Want to see what gets me off?
Awesome head animation

Something about this pic is just so freaking hot, just sitting back and watching some sexy chick blow him....mmmmm
And this one, watching another woman stroke him...

xmas fuck

That's right honey suck it good, do exactly as I say

Horny brunette takes pleasure giving blowjob while other woman watching

I love telling her what to do
eddiee321:  Come on baby. Respect your new b/f. Kneel down and greet him…
Go down on him now
thickpolishsausage:  Oh darling cum in her mouth so she can kiss me and I can taste you, then I will kiss you too. You like that.
Suck it hard
cucklust:  A good wife always makes sure the sluts suck his dick the way he loves it! bjaddict:  she may be pretty but she does not know how my husband likes his dick sucked.  GET DOWN THERE WHORE.
Deeper, you can do it
I fucking said,  "Take it bitch"
Fabulous chestnut in awesome deepthroat threesome gif
Now that's good
Incredible deepthroat solo gif image with a fabulous big tits
Keep doing it like that so I can play with my pussy
Amazing playing with self vagina animated photo featuring sexy rack stockings

"Do you like that, babe? Is she sucking you good?"
Amazing head threesome animated pic
Harder now...
Awesome deepthroat threesome gif
Awesome bj threesome animation

Ok, there's a peek into my fantasies

Now you can see where a few of  the erotica stories may be headed


Throwback Thursday 80s Retro Porn

OMG the colors, the hair, the makeup....garish

Man the 80s was not good for some things

And what's up with that chick's tongue?

What is a Cuckquean?

Do you know what a cuckquean is?
Hot solo threesome gif image
Superb blonde in this awesome handjob fuck gif picture
If you fantasize about your husband (or significant other) having sexual relations with another woman than chances are you are a cuckquean
Awesome fuck threesome animated picture featuring gorgeous blonde boobs
I recently came across the term "cuckquean" while doing research for the story I'm working on. I had heard of cuckolds but had no idea the female counterpart was called a "cuckquean"
Awesome vagina threesome animated photo with a lovely blonde
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cuckquean gender opposite term of cuckold derived from old English (1562 CE); lifestyle meaning is similar to male cuckold but is more often found in BDSM relationships and humiliation than dependent upon a male evolutionary response that increases sexual performance.
Incredible rub threesome gif photo
Cuckquean refers to a woman with an adulterous husband. In modern English it generally refers to the sexual fetish in which sexual gratification is gained from maintenance or observation of sexual relations by a man with a woman or a number of women besides his girlfriend, wife or long-term female sex partner. The reversed gender roles of the cuckold relationship. Unfortunately, the research involved within cuckquean and her counterparts has proved to be largely unsubstantiated.
Really like this...
This is what I imagine cuckquean is like..
wifetales:  Mmmmmm
The fetish specifics can range wildly, from loving treatment toward the cuckquean to complete humiliation and debasement. However, very commonly a requirement for the fetish is that the cuckquean is somehow humiliated, whether this is acted out to be intentional or as some sort of by-product of the situation (e.g., the parties involved are somehow too sexually aroused to stop). Therefore cuckolding/cuckqueaning' usually involves acting out a story or ritual involving humiliating acts, events or circumstances; it is not simply husband-swapping, swinging or sharing a sexual partner.

doppiapenetrazione:  voglia essere al posto di lui!!!!

For me it's less about the domination and humiliation and more about the voyeurism and sharing.  What do you think?

I think sharing the man you love, sharing in his pleasure, and taking pleasure yourself could be an immensely intense thing.

Of course if I were to take part in cuckqueaning, there would be some domination. But it wouldn't be me being dominated.

It would be her.

I would be telling the lovely slut what to do.

I'd tell her when and how to suck his cock.

I'd tell her how to stroke him.

And I'd tell her when to bend over and take it in the ass like a good slut.

Because if you're going to fuck my man, you're going to do it my way.

So I guess I'd be a Domme Cuckquean

Want to see more cuckquean fantasies?

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Webfind: Very heavy Restraints....

One of the intrestings parts to be a mistress in Second Life is that you have an isight in very different fetishes and desires, when you look way back, you will notice that someone has made me aware about the combination of the islamic way to dress together with bondage, very tight bondage.


Punishment or not to be

After all that hardship - relaxing in the sun...

A very funny, maybe it is not so funny, experience, always as mistress in Second Life - is that properties, regardless in which way, expect to get punsihed without reason. Yes maybe there are some that like that, to be cruel, because they are sadistic in there haert - i am not - but that does not mean that a punishment may not occur in my world. Punishments that are deliverd are part of any education - and as more the submissive part think about, the more sever it may be. Today we have Christine, Chrissi...and yes she was behaving very bad recently, the reason why she underwents some stric messures, is maybe not so important to post here, but be sure it was...

After i get notice about the condition, Christine need a severe punishment, she was placed in a very tight leather suit - from head to toe encased in a heaver kid leather suit. She find herself surely uncomfortable already, until the additional straps with laces were closed, and keep her even more tightly closed in her misery. Placed in our public cage, helpless restrainted like someone that wears a straitjacket - she may think about her failure...

After several hours in a standing position, unable to move a lot - Christine was begging for some rest - and yes she get some rest - tightly secured in that tight leather suit, she find herself in the tightness on the floor, hoping for some rest.

The door was shut....

Realism? Is that important in our Second Life? There are so much limits to be very realistic, but that does not mean that the simple parts should not be included...

How will have someone her basic funcntions when tied up for several days in a tight leather suit?

You see that maybe some additional help could be needed for that. Christine find herself getting an Enema. She should be ready for more time in the suit, but she did not know at this time...

Fluid that comes it has to come out...poor girl - so helpless...when will it be over? Have a look here on this Blog...soon...or just look at the top of this posting what has happend next...