Friday, January 31, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: The Ladies Maid (1)

Today a little bit of insight of our ladies maid, and the treatment she gets recently. Rosie, our Ladies Maid, joined the Sanatorium several months ago to serve as a maid. She progresses quick, from the basic cleaning rules, towards a House Maid and in the end, as you have seen on some reports before, to a my ladies maid. But our ladies maid often tries to do the normal work of a maid. Her role is more to serve the headmistress privatly, support out debutants in things like get dressed or other finer things. From time to time she has reminded not to fall back to the behaviour of an easy maid, and start to clean the floor. By the way poor Rosie get a chastity belt some months ago. Who would allow that the ladies maid does naughty things? She has to behave and will stay in strict chasity forever, as you can see on the above picture.

It was time to settle her a bit down and remind her not to work to much, so she was made ready for a special night in my beadroom. After she was lifted on as special stand, the so called ballerina stand, she found her ancles quickly locked in some cold and heavy steal rings. Unable to move her legs a lot, and additional one a bit strict lifted up, she would spent the night in a strict restrained way. Not to forget her arms stretched back, unmoveable very hard to the backside of her body. Look on the picture how her nice waist is seeable now in this strict postion...

But after some time. The contionis moaning of Rosie, that was squirming in the bearing postion, i thought it would be better to have some silence for the night. Unable to prevent it, Rosie was fitted with a ball gag. The big red ball, in her mouth kept her silent for the night. After i went to bent i had a look sometimes for her. What a upleasant night four our maid, restrained the whole night, in this uncomfortable way. But this treatment reminded her perfectly to behave better in the next days.

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