Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beeing a Bimbo ... quite hurtfull and expensive

Beeing a Bimbo, besides makes everyone with some interest in body modification very happy, but is quite expensive and thes 10 surgeries that were done on chrissi, as she calls herself now, could be also quite hurtfull. But every plastic surgeon has a lot to try on that type of girl...

Is there something that is forgotten to change? :)

For a deeper insight in this kind of kink i can recommend to visit Bimbobotique and especially the Stories section.You might ask what the interest from a Mistress perspective is to educate a bimbo. One big thing is the including mindcontrol that comes with that, and is in my experience normally in SL completly forgotten, as the bimbo thing itself is quite popular in this world. More on the mindcontol thing will follow in a later posting...

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