Thursday, January 30, 2014

Diary of a feminization - Week 5

Even the feminization is forced - its always under control, there are some fun moments also as you can maybe see in this picture. Two princesses (one upcoming, and one established) have fun on the trampoline. One of the rare moments the mommy - is not required to observe the right behaviour of the subject to be changed.

Picture taken at my private beach.

What happens else? A lot which is maybe not wise to
report in public - but we started to have some ballet class this week. As a male tend to be stiff at the most places, especially dancing wise, it is important to stat early with the fundamentals for a more femine movement. What is better than having some ballet training to assure that early as possible? We had two classes this week - the first less strict, the second need some help with a cane - besides a strike with a cane on a diaperd buttom is less effective.

Picture taken at The Point - some nice femdom sim that is really worth a visit - besides it is sometimes a little bit laggy. But its worth to wait for some nice entertainment.

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