Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Places for the blonde Bimbo

As you know maybe i have one property that likes to be a blonde airheaded bimbo. There were some articles of theoretical background of this before on this blog, have a look..

But there was or is some change in chrissis life, before we mention that on this blog, she has given me a small tour of places she frequently visited in her bimbo state for having fun. Bimbo's in general like dancing, shopping and mostly some naughty things. And more or less thats all what they are interested in. First picture was taken at an urban sim called Fallen Heights. Which offers a school, bar, hospital, porn cinema, trailer park and a lot more.

Next place we visited was Easy Street @ Hunterland. She called one of her a lot male friends to demonstrate what happens there. Quite naughty of course. Not my personal style, but i apreciate the most ways of living. The place is nearly a mall, but the cinema should be famous for some quick fun.

On that picture you see Chrissi standing at Dark Alley. A place where they not talk a lot because it is a so called rape place.

But there is always a more naughty place it seems... Bukkake Bliss - a public orgy place....

Than we went to the underground - imagine what a bimbo does there to have some fun? :)

Picture was taken and Slut & Dickgirl City. A Sim with a lot of facilites for such ways to spend the time. But it is quite nicely designed for such an place, i have seen much more worse places....

For some reasons Schoolgirl Outfits are also quite popular with Bimbo's. So we went to a dention school, at Hard Alley - Second Life's Original Sin

But imagine what type of classes happen there.

Than it was time to relax, at a Nude Beach of course at NATURIST SunLand Beach 

That was the little tour, i personally prefer more modest places, but a bimbo needs fun of course. To visit that places will hapen on your own danger, but Chrissi had fun there in her Bimbo Life. What happens next with her you will read soon on this blog.

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