Thursday, January 23, 2014

A maid returns

If you go back in this blog narly 2 years ago, you will find some stories of male that was educated as maid in our institute. And recently he returns. Of course we continue with the education where stopped. As first he had to take off his male clothes, and was dressed in a maid uniform. Must be very humilating for a guy to be dressed like that. How many men do like to put woman in a maid uniform, and now he find himself in one. His private parts were securly locked again, to make sure that there were no interruption in his proper education, for the next weeks or months. Dressing takes sometime of course, as he was not used to wear stockins, and also has some troubles to put the garters on.
The next hours on his education were full with rules how a proper maid behaves. How to clean, how to serve and how to behave in general.

Serving some cold drinks to the pool were a bit difficul to him. And he contionously need to be reminded to keep his posture. And walking around with a tray is maybe not easy.

Late that day, i was out for shopping inbetween, i catched our new/old male maid sitting around on the sun lounger. Since that he knows how a cane feels when beeing used. The lounger is surely not a place for a maid.

More to come on his education...

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