Thursday, January 23, 2014

Punishment for smoking? Yes possible at Victorian Discipline

Redath (green dress - most right) at Victorian Discipline
Yes thats possible at one of my favourite places in Second Life: Victorian Discipline. That helpless girl in the corner was catched as she was smoking. Surely not a good behaviour for a young lady - and that requires some immediate action. Victorian Discipline is a place where good mannors are still important, where girls and of course boys could be educated to be a good member of the victorian community in every way. It's a light roleplay place, where it is apreciated if you are dressed in some kind of fashion from the 19th century - but not necessary a requirement to join it. Some beginning or progressed behaviour in the normal way of that times is also apreciated, Me personally love the most people that are hanging around there or doing some things. The manor house itself is currently in some reconstruction but offers all necessary thing for a strict, spanking, well behaved or corsetted evening. Have a look around.

Victorian Discpline in Second Life - give it a try! And have fun!

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