Thursday, January 23, 2014

His Love of Bikini Is Our Love of Suit

It's been said a man cannot resist the vision of a nice pair of breasts. I'd have to agree with the statement; breasts, butt, curve and cunt, they all captivate the eyes and hearts of (straight) men.
But men aren't only attracted to women's naked bare bodies.
One of the most popular videos on Youtube at one point was of a woman exercising in front of a Wii. She was wearing a t-shirt that covered her entire upper body and butt, down to her thighs. She was not wearing any makeup. She was not trying to look appealing. In fact, she didn't even know her boyfriend was filming her.
But it reached the top of Youtube's list, and most of the (male straight) commentators thought she was hot.
It's not always about what a woman is wearing—or not wearing. Often, it's about what she's doing, how she's going about it, and what her attitude is.

The same applies to men. Yes, I find Husband sexy when he's naked and ready to fuck me. But there are a thousand other things he might be doing during the day, millions of them, that make me pause and catch my breath and think to myself, My God, that man of mine is HOT. 

Sometimes I tell Husband I think what he's doing is sexy. Other times I do not, since I've found that once I tell him, he often exaggerates whatever it is he's doing, turning it into a parody, which is not sexy.

But here is a short list of otherwise tame and innocuous things which I think are totally sexy. I might add to it as time goes on.

When he:
•Rolls up his sleeves...very, very slowly
•Shaves using shaving cream and a razor.
•Pours water over his own sweaty head.
•Smiles wickedly.
•Uses a wrench to fix, well, anything.
•Buckles his belt around his waist.
Unbuckles his belt around his waist.
•Walks around wearing a pair of blue jeans, open to the crotch, but no shirt or socks.
•Walks around wearing nothing but a pair of boxers.
•Rubs his face with both hands.
•Looks at me with furrowed brows.
•Falls asleep stretched out on the couch.
•Calls his mother. (Yes, I find this hot, and endearing.)
•Laughs unrestrainedly.
•Corners me against the wall.
•Grabs my wrist.

Ladies, start making your own, and share them with your man. You might surprise him.

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