Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Courtesan getting dressed

In our House - still not sure about the name - its Victorian Pleasure Insitute now - fitting in the position you get is important. On this picture you see one of our debutants, in the neat pink dress, helping one of our courtesans to try out her new shoes. And of course the Headmistress is observing if the hands of the Debutant are not to clumsy.

For one moment the courtesan was a bit relaxed when trying on the new shoes, and even was a bit cheeky towards the debutant, but that went quickly over when she become aware that is was another day where the corset is was laced more strict and tight to improve her posture and waist further. Courtesans in our institute have to wear there corset all the time, even at night. The only exception is made for the few minutes the courtesan needs to clean herself.

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