Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post 22

If she knows about Mario, she'd be fun to play with.
Say, Bob - I didn't know you could blow that hard!
Lots of room for a gun in there, ey?
Placing the blame.
Product description to the point.
Always take a beer along when motorboating.
Lucinda was pretty sure she'd have a date before the evening got started.
Chick with a fact.
Putting some bounce in it can help her get some attention.
Joke time...

The ambitious coach of a girls' track team starts giving his squad steroids. Their performance soars, and they go on to win the county and state championships. The day before the nationals, Penelope, a 16-year-old hurdler, comes into his office.
"Coach," she says, "I have a problem. Hair is starting to grow on my chest."
"Oh my God!" yells the coach. "Well, how far down does it go?"
"Down to my balls," she replies, "and that's another thing I wanted to talk to you about…

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