Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spreading the word is not enough, but it's a start

I am reprinting this post, by permission, from the blog A Slut's Memoir. It's written by an owned sub named iSlut_ who can also be contacted via Twitter.
This post is powerful and provoking, and might make you angry. You know what, it should make you angry. It should make all of us angry. This is a fucking travesty.

Fuck you. Without a condom.

WHY is it not a crime for a man to penetrate someone, without a condom, without explicit permission?

Why can that man only be arrested if
1. the sex itself is nonconsensual;
2. or he *knows* he has HIV, does not disclose this info, and has unprotected sex with intent to spread disease, and *actually* infects someone;
3. or has repeatedly spread other STDs, and has been repeatedly been asked by the public health department to desist?
Why is it that if a woman carries more than two condoms she can be prosecuted as a whore?

Why (since since she is a whore) that woman be arrested for sex without a condom no matter who it's with?

Why would a man bareback someone after he agreed to use condoms?

Why do normal victim reactions include WAY too much guilt... and anger focused everywhere else but where it should be? 

Why does an ER staff go into sexual assault mode if they think a stupid twit was too drunk to demand a condom... but when they find out condom use was negotiated in advance, the victim counselor suddenly packs up and walks out? I needed that much more than the warm blanket...
"You really want to be tested for STDs? Why?" ~the doctor
Why would someone take advantage of my absolute trust in Sir to harm me... and hurt Him?

Why can't I write about this? 

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