Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To Swing or Not to Swing: Soft Swapping Swingers

This is an example of soft swap

To swing or not to swing?

That is the question...

Until you find out there are various levels of swinging and you don't have to go all the way to spice up your relationship and add a little fun.

I like soft swap because my biggest kink is watching my husband get pleasured by other women and being bisexual I like to play with other women too.

But I'm not really into other men- at least not going "all the way" because for one I'm still fertile. My husband had a vasectomy so I don't use any birth control and I really don't want to. The last thing I want is to worry about pregnancy. So I'll fondle, I'll stroke, maybe even give a blowjob but some other guy's penis is not going in my vagina.

I just want fun and foreplay with other people-something naughty that adds excitement and pleasure, not a big orgy with other people.

What about you, what draws you to soft swap?

What is soft swap swinging you ask? 

Soft swap swinging can encompass a wide range of activities, from kissing, to fondling and for some couples, even oral sex with one or more people outside the couple. Basically soft swapping means that there is no actual penetration with people outside your couple unit- no penis to vagina or anus. 

Once penetration comes into play, with anyone other than your partner, it’s considered a “full swap”.

Details From softswap.com:

Soft Swap Defined

So what is soft swap? Soft swap is the process of exchanging partners for low key, non-penetrative sexual stimulation. Because there are various definitions that don't always agree we've tried to set out a guideline as to what activities you can expect. These activities can take place with all parties together or in separate rooms, depending on the comfort level of the participants.

First level - is kissing and stroking outside the clothing usually limited to the upper body although the lower may be included by agreement

Second level - adds stroking on the upper body, inside the clothing

Third level - adds stroking inside the clothing upper and lower

Fourth Level - adds partial nudity (upper)

Fifth Level - adds total nudity

Sixth Level - adds oral sex

More soft swap

I just started a group for couples interested in Soft Swap Swinging at Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/90854

Please drop by and join if you're interested

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