Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some things to remind

Even the pictures is this thread have not the best quality - they are a selection of nearly one year second life - that i will present today to you. Some nostalgic thoughts.

A very old picture of JoLeMo as Barbie Doll, together with Princess....never remember where it was.

Who was that i think one of my first dolls...Iluvatar or Cat....who remembers? Surely one of the dolls i helped to be one.

One of my earliest self pictures that is even showable as pony trainer at the Frilly Filly Farm 

Jolemo as a more cyber type of doll - picture taken at the view from a non existing club anymore.

But with this picture i am quite sure that it was one of my dolls called Iluvatar. The issues with dolls is they have by natural some uniformity, therefore its hard to remember who it was exactly of the around 10 dolls i educated in the past more or less...

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