Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Diary of a feminization - Week 7

In this week more about the school time that has started for our subject. School starts in the 1st class easy, depends surely on the view...

As rules are important there are some to follow:

- As not all activities happen in my schoolrom you see in the picture on the right side: When going to an outside acitivity talking only to Teacher/Mistress
- No jokes, no giggeling while lesson
- Schooluniform required while lesson

The ususal schoolday has some basic routine, and starts with a daily enema for cleaning, clean hands will be checked, clean buttom will be checked after first lesson of the day. Every schoolday has two lessons, with a naptime of a half hour or more in one of the cage beds you see at the backside of the schoolroom. If some discipline is required (yes now some more strict discipline starts) it is applied to the studen after the second lesson of the day, in normal cases it is more or less severe spanking, with bare hand, wooden paddel or cane. The displinary area of the classroom (besides another spanking chair that is located somewhere else) you see on the right picture.

One of the most difictult things is to find the apropriate school content: The 1st class includes:
  • How to dress your self in a skirt (basic - more follows later)
  • Balletclass
  • Basic Manicure, Pedicure and Makeup
  • Knowledge of some vintage princesses (mostly used to learn something and check if it is learned)
Additional was added in this week because it was neede a basic class of different types of female stockings.

On this picture you see the subject on her first manicure lesson, which was held at the FFU - Experimental Sex Playground & Disciplination Facitily. You may wonder why the "Mistress" or Teacher is applying the manicure. First the subject has to learn the basic rules, because the common male surely does not know the principles of nice fingernails. In the upcoming time it will be regulary checked if the subject keeps there nails nice and in shape.

As it was less time for the daily discpliniation it was also held there directly. First time by the way the subject was bound to a frame, all other discplinations until than were spankings. Additional it was required because some further treatment was necessary that she walks three times only in her diapers through that location as further disciplination.

More to follow next week...maybe 2nd class :)

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