Thursday, January 16, 2014

Learning to be pleasureable (4)

The last episode you read about Christines ongoing education was a part where she does not obey and has taken out the butplug she was orderd to wear to make herself more ready for pleasuring males at this place. After that she was fitted with a special chastity belt, as further help for her education, that leaves her behind accessable, but prevent the most other pleasure from the front. You see her on the first picture after the intial fitting with this devices. The butplug was removeable and not locked, but all other parts were locked. You may notice also the orthodontic devices she wears. Currently she wear this special devices, which are a neckbrace to hold her headstill, a bionator to extend the jaw, and a headgear to treat her still existing overbite. She always has to wear this devices at night, and for a hour at daytime.

Another view of Christine in our new bit improved home, time to get her breakfast...

The normal daily life goes on with the chastity belt also. You may notice that her apperance has changed a bit. I had to made her wear latex stockings. What you not can see in this pictures, is that we added some japanese Geisha Balls to her front, and the butplug has a inbuilt vibrator, this keeps her in a continouse aroused state. The latex stockings were necessary to keep her clean from any juices she may release through the arousement she feels.

A few days later she met one of her teachers. We fitted her with a special dress that hides the most of her devices when going out. Of course she was not allowed to wear any underwear, but you would have only seen the chastity belt if you would have peaked under the dress. You can imagine and see on the last picture what happend next...

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