Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Dinner....

Yes it is a few weeks ago, but i want to report about the little christmas dinner we had this year at our home. You see me on this picture, enyoing a little talk with a nice red wine waiting for the dinner to be served. Our Maria is on the left. You may notice that she is dressed cute, like a schoolgirl. She underwents some special educaiton currently. Even she is 24 she is treated like a 14 year old at home at the moment. More on that later. The young gentleman is a special friend of me, you could say a toy towards me. As i am myself 43. i decied that it could be nice to have a younger male around me. He is sweet 18 years old.

We are having the meal. My husband had prepeared a very nice dinner for us. You see him on the left :)

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