Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How Husband and I Met

This is a very personal story, the story of how Husband and I met...and how I caught his interest. I'm going out on a limb by sharing it publicly, but it's a funny story, and I thought my readers might enjoy it.

Once upon a time there was a young girl who, on a whim, joined her friends on a visit to a new club one night. As soon as she walked into the club, she saw a young man, all the way in the back, surrounded by a close crowd of males who were obviously his friends. He was holding a beer in his hand, his head was tipped back, and he was laughing at some joke one of his friends had just made. 
The girl was captivated by this man. She stared at him in open wonder.
"Oh, that's L.," one of her friends whispered in her hear. "Don't get too close to him. He plays with women."
What the girl's friend didn't know was that was precisely the wrong thing to say, because this girl liked to play with men. She liked a challenge. She liked to bring them to their knees.
So she made a beeline for this self-assured, cocky man, ready to play.
She introduced herself, and the man introduced himself right back. His friends also introduced themselves, looking quite eager to get her attention. But the girl didn't want their attention, she wanted this man's attention. And he wasn't giving it to her. He was paying more attention to his drink than to her. 
This intrigued the girl as much as it frustrated her. She had a feeling maybe he was doing it on purpose. Or maybe he just didn't know what she had to offer. Regardless, she was set on making him her own by the end of the night.
She dragged him to a private corner, where they could "talk" and she could run her hands over his body and make it look innocent. They flirted for a while, the man finally beginning to realize what the girl wanted, and the girl playing coy. Then she asked him sweetly to buy her a drink. When he complied, she thought he was hers.
They spent the rest of the evening together at the club, talking and drinking until the wee hours. But the man never asked for any of the girl's contact information: a bad sign. He offered to drive her home, though, and the girl accepted gladly.

They got into his car, and the man put aside his watch and wallet before beginning the drive back to the girl's dorm. They talked a bit more, but nothing serious. And the man still did not ask the girl for any contact information.

So while he wasn't looking, the girl stole his watch. 

The next day, she got a phone call. 
"Is this Shelby?" the girl heard, and her heart leapt into her chest.
"Yes, who is this?"
"This is L., we met last night?"
"Oh, hi, how did you get my number?"
"I saw you talking to D. I got it from her."
"Oh wow. That's very clever. So, um, why are you calling?"
"Because you stole my watch?"

He met her the next day to get his watch back, spanked her soundly for taking it in the first place, decided she was his type after all...and they've lived happily ever after.

I still have the watch. I'll keep it forever. 

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