Friday, January 24, 2014

Yay! In the Barbie Mood? *Giggles*

Who does not like Barbie Dolls? - Giggle. One of the longtime places, open for over 3 years, to fullfill that dream is Pleasure Dolls - Sigma Delta - a cute place with a lot to discover. Everything in stylish Pink. With a lot of entertainment for the complete or upcoming Doll. Not only focused on Barbie Dolls, also a nice home of other Dolltypes. A rubber, latex, bimbo-doll and Transformation place, that embraces all types of doll-play and other BDSM activity. Besides the place there is of course a SL Group for the activities you can join - which main acitivites are:  "We love sexual role-play, femdom, BDSM, bimboification, hypnosis and mind control. Short and long Role Plays, human to doll enslavement and creation of conscious objects. With some of SL's best doll makers and RPer's, this is the independent, underground doll group to die for." 

What you are waiting for? Another exicting thing to discover. When you are interested to become a doll, mainly a Barbie or Bimbo, you can also contact me inworld for guideance or if you like a complete education - Giggles!

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