Sunday, January 26, 2014

What happens to Christine...

You may ask for what all that orthodontics and braces were on christine when you look on her partslist....nothing more than make her a Bimbo..a dumb blonde nothing reminding bimbo that has only one desire....

I had some chance to get her in some light moment and interview her, after i have brainwashed her and educated her to what she is now:

Redath: What is your name??

Chrissi:(instead of immediately answering the question,  slowly unbuttons the top of her skirt...and replies): Chrissi - but i am only a fucktoy....

Redath (ask with a degree of shock and curiosity): Fucktoy? What does Fuck Toy do??

Chrissi: Fuck Toy licks, sucks and fucks hot cocks
Redath: Toys are for play. So how does Fuck Toy play??

Chrissi: Fuck Toy plays with her titties, pussy and clitty.  They rubb oil onto her titties and then squeezes and pinches them. Fucktoys tries to lick and suck the dicks,.while rub and pinches their titties make their nipples hard. Boys likes firm, pointy titties. Fuck Toy always keeps her clitty free from hair by having twice a day. She keeps a little vertical patch of trimmed hair just above her clitty-

Redath: And what else do you like besides looking for your trim?

Chrissi: Toy puts fingers in her sweet pussy.

(she than licks her fingers moves it to herseld and stretches her hand out to let me  smell and taste her.)

Pussy is always clean and sweet...

Redath (a little bit distracted): What clothes you like to wear?

Chrissi: wears sexy clothes and lingerie that makes cock hard.

Redath: Name some clothes you likes to wear?

Chrissi: likes PVC and Leather. She likes silk and Lycra. Lycra was invented just for me, you know. Me does very well withplaying in sexy outfits like nurses, little girls and schoolgirl sluts. Boys like that. Me like to play little hirl slut. Me can wear white opaque stockings with pretty pink or blue bows and 6 inch high heel pumps, and pretty ruffled mini-dress. Boys like  to fuck her ass while she is standing, looking ina full-length mirror and licking a lollipop. Me also likes leather harnesses and corsets and me wear wear high shiny leather boots with7.5 inch heels to look really tall. Me likes to stand in very high heels with her ass pushed in the air. Thats why they call them Fuck Me heels. Chrissi likes a big hot cock from behind in her pussy or ass.

(she does not stop to tell what she likes...)

We could have done this for ages.....but thats what happens with her...if you like to have an interview with her call her she likes it.

And for all that wonder...some thoughts abot Bimbo theory: For the Bimbo itself, mostly intelligent ones behind their roles, that is a way of humilation and may wonder why it is relaxing...not thinking a lot helps sometimes, and all told me that it makes mostly a lot of fun. More on the theory about bimbos later....


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