Saturday, January 18, 2014

We were looking up our teacher's skirt and she was loving it...

I know that this story sounds like a fantasy but like everything on this blog (except where I say otherwise) it is 100% true.

When I was at school I took every opportunity to look up the skirts of female pupils and over the years I saw a lot of knickers.  It was much rarer to see up a teacher's skirt but in my last year I, and many other pupils, enjoyed lingering views of the panties of Mrs Christie.

She was a drama teacher who sometimes taught a small class of boys aged about 17.  She always wore very short dresses but also wore a teacher's gown.  She would sit on as desk at the front of the class and even when she kept her knees together it was fairly easy to catch a glimpse of her panties (she wore tights over the panties).  As time went on her knees would drift apart and the views would get better.  The sexual tension in the room was rising and Mrs Christie would crank it up more.  When she wanted to ask a particualr boy to answer she would point at him with her toe - opening her legs wide and giving us all a clear view between her legs.  After this she would often say something like "oh dear, this is why they give us gowns" and wrap the gown round her knees.  However, we would usually get a few more looks up her skirt before the class ended.
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