Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today a bit more fashion and travel around the world

Today was time for sp,e shopping, this time my mood was to buy something more modern, but still classic. First picture shoes some nice red dress from a shop called Jazmyn D - price was something around 200 L$, dont remember it exactly :)

Besides the belt, which moves depending on the AO a bit around, a very nice and stylish looking Dress. After getting the dress, some new hair style was also necessary. In this case it comes from Exile. Also around 200L$ and is called Exile Laurie Blue.

And as its summer some sunglasses would be also nice, from the marketplace for 200L$. Which have changeable colours for the glasses, and also for some parts of the frame.

The picture was taken at virtual Toronto, Canada ....

And while beeing in that Jazmyn D shop, discoverd there also a cute freebee, not always freebees have to be bad :)

Jazmyn D Fierce Dress (you find it at the entrance) in black for 0 L$. Combined with the same accessoires as above, but after a long flight to Paris. Picture taken on the Eiffeltower.

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