Monday, January 27, 2014

Time for just another improvement...

We cover the story of christine for some time here. Last week was an important week for her. After her stay in the nursery she finally agreed to a major surgery on her breasts. Of course she was very excited and frigthend when taken to the hospital.

After undressing she was prepared for her surgery. Put into anasthesia, she was ready for the surgery. We will not cover the details of the surgery itself here. It takes some hours to straighten her breast, and make them more nice. To her later surprise we take a bit more silcone to fill as she may have expected.

When she wake up after the procedure she was shocked by the massive implants she has got. Calming her down was the next i had to do. But it seems that my try to comfort a bit by saying that there is still some swelling around the tissue of her breast, and that it will go back after some days.

Her neckbrace and the glasses she still wears makes a bit difficult for her to become aware about the full result.

After she finally waked up and was able to walk a bit christine get a special bra that covers all her new breast, and had to stay in it for several days. She was dressed ready for bed and could relax a bit for three days.

Than it was time to get her finally home. Of course she had to be dressed properly, into her corset and all the other things she has to wear. She was happy as she get some new patches for her special medical glasses that allow her to see a lot better, and get also released from the stiff neckbrace she wear now for a week since she left the nursery. But when she recognized finally that her breasts stay now large as that she was shocked again. "I even can not see my feet," she said.....

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