Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Sanatorium becomes the Academy

Just time to do some changes to the Sanatorium. After nearly 2 years of running this house, it was
time to change it a bit. It is now the Sophisticated Academy for Ladyship. This little change will allow us to do a more genaral education on Ladyship, and not only focused on the Vintage Theme. Besides that not a lot will change. It will be possible to leave the strict vintage dress code a bit, and show some other fashions, but of course 40s and 50s dressing is a big improvement for every Lady. Besides that i have changed the access to the house a bit. You need an invitation from now on to visit the house it self, only the pool area stay open for the public. And we have a new landing zone, where someone can contact us, to get an invitation. Visit us here.

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