Sunday, January 26, 2014

The postive effects of region restarts...

We all know the sometimes annoying region restarts, when Linden Labs restarts the server of a region, for maintenance reasons. Besides this maintenance as it affects only one region, and is in general shorter, then maintenance windows in other online worlds, mostly the restarts happen in the wrong moment. The first kiss in your avatar life will surely interrupted by a restart :) But somtimes it has it advantages. Yesterday we hide to a shop called ICING - and what happend?  I won three dresses and a bathing suit on the local lucky chair. As you are able to grab them yourself, you only have to have enough patience, a short presentation here...
First dress is called Coquette, available in two different styles, one version on the first picture, the variation on the second. Shoes and Boots both from N-Core.

The second outfit is perfect for a day at the beach: A beach dress including the necessary bathing suit. This dress is called Skipper.


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