Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Mind of a Child

Husband likes to tell me I have a dirty mind. I think this kind of thing is relative: how dirty one's mind is considered to be depends on the dirtiness of the mind sitting next to it, if you get my meaning. If I were a political representative, using the word 'vagina' would make me dirty. God only knows what I'd be called for using the word 'cunt.'

But I do think I have a relatively dirty mind. I kind of have the mind of a fourteen-year-old boy. Okay, maybe not that bad, but...I see kinkiness in places I probably should not.

Like in old children's shows. I used to watch The Electric Company--remember that show?--and now, when I watch the old videos, I can't help but think Did they mean that as an innuendo? Cause it sure sounds like one.
Oh, Morgan Freeman, will you do the Sweet Sweet Sway with me?

Ooh yeah, Molly, lick Billy's lolly good.

What the hell, Spidey? You don't know what to do with a big sack? 

In my defense, I am clearly not the only one who sees the impropriety among these videos. Other people see it, too.

When you have a dirty mind, kinkiness is everywhere. 

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