Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Edna Pirtle Sanatorium

As you may read i spent my time in my second life currently mostly, but not all time, in some vintage enviorement. The place i have for that is half public place, called Vintage Sanatorium. Recently i changed the name slightly into Edna Pirtle Sanatorium...

And here is some little background story of this place in SL:

Not a lot is know about what is really happening inside the walls
of the Edna Pirtle Sanatorium. We are somewhere between the mid
1930s and and early 1960s. Girls that become 18 or may a bit older,
sent there by there parents, when the normal finishing school
is not successfull. And there are also stories of older wifes, that
were sent by there partners to the place, maybe because the partner
thinks that there is some lack of lady like behaviour. Some roumours
exist also that in some rare cases even boys were sent to the
place, but thats surely a legend.

When you ask the headmistress the most common answer is, we are
edcuating even the most hoplesscase of a young lady to a perfect
behaving, styled and educated one. We never give up.

There are some stories, that surely legends that inside the walls
a regime of strict discpline asures the success the sanatorium
has in there treatment...

To find out more visit us INWORLD....

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