Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The daily life of christine

You surely remember christine - we started with her education to a well behaving victorian lady some weeks ago. And part of the right life of a victorian lady is do some daily walks. Besides because of her other limitations she is not really able to do more. She has order to spent every day one hour doing some walk in nature. That day she go with me, but often is also in company of our maids. And yes is still complaing about the tightness of the corset she has to wear to reach the perfect shape of her figurr now 24 hours a day.

You may notice a light change to her orthodontic treatment also. Everytime she was lazy on her normal treatment we have to take a bit more severe form of treatment for her jaw. You may remember she was in that punishment suit for a week, therefore it was required to fit her with a additional bionator for three weeks before we can return to her normal treatment. You may ask what is that? A bionator is a little plastic device that fills her mouth nearly complete. And as all is inspired but maybe not strictly as in real life here is the real medical definition of this appliance:

Bionators initially look like a sort of combined upper and lower Hawley retainer, but do not fasten to the teeth and are not used for post-brace removal treatment. Bionators are held in the mouth within the space that the teeth surround when biting. They are used to expand the palate and/or create space for incoming teeth.

Her bionator is different than this vidwo additional held in her mouth by a attached second headgear she has to wear. As you see on this picture:

Of course she is not happy about that treatment also as it does not allow her to speak well, limits her possibilites even more, and most bad does not allow to drink or eat something. To make her treatment more successfull, we had to combine it even with a strict neckbrace, to keep her head extremly still to achive a better and more fast result.

On this picture you see christine, resting a bit at the academy after her corset was checked in the morning if it has still the desired tightness. And of course was dressed in a new dress for the day.

She has daily lessons on better behavioir for a lady, and extend repetion session on the lady rules, she has to know as best of our debutants. Of course she has a special attire for taking part in her classes which you can see on the upper picture, but is taken off when she has her lessons, as you see on the next picture.

 After her morning lesson on ladyrules, the posture training follows. Posture is a essential thing for victorian lady. She has to show extremly nice grace and elegance in every of her movements. With some help of additional devices the best results are reached.

We use for that some special devices, i will not discribe them here in detail, but you may see which ones are used to reach the perfect and desired results on this pictures. A little walk in all that around the academy always helps.

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