Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I was primed and ready. I slid closer, rubbing my wet sex against the length of his shaft as I moved in and devoured his lips with my own. I ground my body into his, sliding and teasing us both as I kissed him passionately, dipping my tongue into his sweet cinnamon flavored mouth, caressing his tongue with my own.

His hands gripped my ass, lifting me and spreading me open. I reached between us and guided him to my opening then slowly slid down onto him.

I watched his eyes roll back and flutter as I sank onto his long cock, taking him into me inch by wonderful inch until I had him fully buried in my wet, achingly hot pussy. Then I began to rock and move up and down, slowly at first then I gained momentum as his moans matched my own. I bounced up and down fast and fierce, grinding my body into his, rubbing all the right places together for maximum pleasure.

I could feel it building inside me, a tsunami of massive pleasure was about to hit me with a force I had never experienced before.

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