Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: Posture Training

The right posture is one of the important things for a lady. Therefore we take some efforts on the right posture and movement in every thinkable position as standing, sitting, and walking. The right movements and attitude are learned at the sanatorium, and if there are maybe some issue for a lady to reach the desired level for a pose, we sadly have to take some more advanced techniques.

As with this poor debutant - it was discoverd while she does some walks in the garden, that she has still some issue to show the right elegance. One day and one night at the outside, naked for reminding her of her situation, with a hook penetrating her at her buttocks, helps always. She was forced to stand on tiptoes the whole time, any lowering and lazyniess of her posture, end in some strange feelings at her private parts.

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