Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: Posture for the maid...

As our ladies maid tries to achive a better position, she has to learn to order other maids doing there work, and also should be a rolemodel for all other maids in style. See another entry a bit before for the details on that. Today it was time to give her some posture. After several days with the yoke, we look for more to give her propper outfit. First she was fitted with a strict and tight corset. It seems that she suffers a bit becaus of the tightness this corset applies to her waist. She was moaning and begging for release as she was fitted with a neckcorset also, which keeps her head unmoveable high up. To asure that she reall dont work more as necessary, she was fitted additional also with some mittens. That makes it impossible to grab something. Finally to asure that there is no naughty behaviour, i closed the chastity belt between her legs.

Poor maid, the legbinder made it really difficult to walk for her, the very high heels she wears, and now the tight corset, makes it even more difficult to move through the house. After a few steps she fall over, down to the floor. Restrained like that, unable to use her hands, as they are safely in the rings of the yoke, she is unable to stand up again on her own. Helpless laying on the floor, nearly unable to move a bit, she needs some that help her to stand again...

But is the floor the right place for a maid? She also get this question. Of course it is not. So she has to learn to walk more carefull, and gracile. She learned quickly that she will experience every time she falls, an additional punishment. The gag that was inserted, and the additional blindfold, complete her strict restraints, now for an hour. Silenced and blind she can think about trying more not to fall down.

It is always a wonder, what the human body can stand. The next days our ladies maid was not release from her tight restraints. The corset was even more laced. As you see on the next pictures it become part of her life.

Ladies Maid at the bar, with one of our debutants, still in punishment for falling down
Our Ladies Maid needs a "bed" out for shopping in her restraints, it was really hard for her to follow me

"Bedtime" for Ladies Maid, of course no real bed, she has to stay(!) the night in her new tight cage, making it impossible for her to lay down.
Planned Breakfast after a nearly awake night for our Ladies Maid. The head box was fitted with a funnel and she was feeded through it
Punishment for falling down again. The headbox is quite handy as it can be closed to punish her.
Will she be released? And when? Or happens more? Read it later on this blog....

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