Friday, January 24, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: More modest dressing for the girly boy

As you know the Vintage Sanatorium is a modest place, nakedness is only allowed for discpline reasons, so the short skirt of our boy that has to serve as maid was a bit annoying. Why not try the opposite? So we went out and shop for a victorian maid dress. Of course some corset was also require, which you dont see on this picture. Even it is not so sucsefull, it was quite fun to lace him into the corset. He was squirming and begging for release, as this behavioir was a bit annoying he gets quickly a gag to keep him quite. He moaned even through the gag as the garters were attched to his new stockings. But of course that was not all. A crinoline was attached to him to give his dress the right shape, several layers of underskirts followed, and make the whole dress of course quite stiff. Good that he was gagged - he tried to protest in all that clothing he has to wear. Finished was the dres with a nice Hairband - ready to go out and work a bit. I can imagine that he he was not quite amused to work in the restircting dress. But patience has to be...

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