Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: Misson to become a pretty princess..

The sanatorium is not only a place for discipline, it is more a place for the overall beauty of a lady. One of our debutants has a long way in front of her to become a pretty lady. And today was maybe a bad day for her - in the past it was discoverd that she had some conditions with her teeth and upper jaw that make a treatmeant necessary. The poor debutant was fitted today with fixed braces and a headgear for treatment of the overbite of her upper jaw. After the long procedure the debutant left the dentist chair, and thousand questions arise: How to drink with the metal facebow that hold her mouth always slightly open? How to eat? How to kiss? And concerns were there that all other will laugh, that see her like that. And badly i had to tell her that this treatment will take one year or longer....

The treatment has taken place at ASE Dental Clinic.

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