Monday, January 27, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: Maids Week

We will have a short look into maids life at the sanatorium.

Oh, today again we start with some spanking pictures. Besides that is not so often done at the sanatorium, only when it is required for educational purposes our Maids recive a regular spanking without that they have done anything wrong. The monday is a good day for that, to get the maids attention that they have to focus on the important chores they have to do.

Yes our Maids must get the impression of the new day that it starts bad. Just after they have finished to dress properly in there Uniform, they get the order from me the Headmistress to undress quickly again. It does not take long and the first maid found herself on the spanking horse. The naked butt upwards to recive a punishment, and to remind them further one of our debuntants was orderderd to tie the maid at the spanking horse. To prevent any issues with making some noise, the maid was additionaly gagged, and she recived some hits from the paddle as start of the day.

The second maid has to wait patiently, and watch the punishment the otherone get. Also stripped naked she was not sure if she will recive the same. But after the first was released. She was ordered to move her body also over the spanking horse. But she had a really bad day. Because she was wearing a plug at some special place, for some treatment. That is another story why she is wearing that, as we not all reveal here at this blog it is up to your imagination why. To asure that the plug stay at its place. The headmistress decided not to use the relative mild paddle, insted of that the poor second maid recived a spanking with the cane, more on ther upper thighs than her butt. Yes sometimes the day starts bad for the maids....

A day later...and it is maybe not to see at the first view at this picture. The maid (on the left) has to assist with some descipline to one of our new debutats (on the right - you see that she is new because she is wearing her beginners uniform). That girl was really behaving bad, mostly in the form of backtalking, and not doing what she was told to. So it was decided this time that she will not recive some corporal punishent, to wear a gag for some time to keep her mouth closed, and as additional treatment the use of a blindfold was necessary. You were ever out blindfolded at the garden? As it was a bit difficult for the debutant to get some fresh air because of beeing gagged. It was maids duty to give her some fresh air and bring her to the garden.

"Dressing the lady" - is another part of the duties of a maid. Yes that is maybe more a entertaining part, than beeing spanked or taking missbehavings debutants on the leash to the garden, but be sure that it could be right stressfull for the maid to get all the dresses quickly for the lady of the house, especially if she is unsure what to wear on such a day. A maid has a easier life there - as she is always dressed in her maid uniform and only have to asure that it stays clean and nice. By the way you may wonder what type of shoes the maid is wearing. Did we have an article on that here on the blog?

A maid also has to shoe some style, especially a maid should be always be properly dressed as she reperesents the house. So this maid is currently in some training to get used to high heels, as she does not wear some before in her life. She was very unhappy about it. as this shoes hold her feet a bit up but she has to stretch her feet even more to a tiptoe position as sharp metalspike is waiting under the heel to remind her to hold the right posture. And why is still gagged? More in this maybe later on this blog

A day later, i was just a bit undressed and hear the maid downstairs doing her work on cleaning. As i decided to take a bath, i called her. And was wondering why she was not coming. After looking a bit around i found her. Kneeeling helpless on the floor. Yes she was still wearing her training shoes, and get so weak and exahusted that she does not find another way to help her self to go onto her knees and get some release on her poor feet.

Normaly i should have punished her for not joining me when calling her. But sometimes it is wise to show some mercy with someone that has to wear this torturing training shoes....

Finally we managed it to the bathroom. And yes helping the ladies with getting there bath is also an additional duty for any maid. Sadly the bath tub was not cleaned and the poor maid has again to clean it, still on her training shoes, which nice construction you may see better on this picture. She had to rest again, after she get some cramps in her calf's from beeing on her tiptoes all the time. All i hear was the heavy breath behind the gag...

more on maids life later, and maybe something special on our cute maid amanda that you see on the last pictures here...

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