Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: From Bimbo to Secretary

As i mentioned several times on this blog, i have one property Chrissi, that was allowed to do some other things than are required in the Vintage Sanatorium. She had a life as dumb blonde Bimbo - but now it was time for a change. After some thinking about the goal she has to reach i decided that she would be the perfect secretary, in a retro/vintage style. Of course that needs some reeducation. She was willingly taken that changes, maybe she thinks secretary is not so different. First all makeup was removed, she gets a new hairstyle, and finally was fitted with a chasitity belt, to prevent further missbehaving as it was normal as a bimbo.

To make the changes more visible, and her also aware that some reeducaion will be starting, she gets a nice school uniform which she has to wear from on now, for some longer time. The times of to short skirts, and colourfull clothes are over for her...

...what happens next? You read it here in the near future.

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