Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: Chastity for the Boy

Today some news from our boy,that underwents some changes...

Last time it was up to the inital dressing, today we go a bit further. The boy found himself today quickly in a quite uncommon position, spreaded legs on a gyn chair.

He was asking why he has to be there, but I stay silent and slowly remove the panty where a slight buldge was visible. Interesting how aroused some boys become when wearing garters and stockings.

Quickly after the panties were off, he feel some cold steal around his most important parts. He looked up and was shocked that his thing was now encased in a rigid steel tube, a secure way to keep him in chastity, for a long time. The questions become more silent, as he recognized that there is no way for any discussion. And get even more silent, when a little lock was placed at the top of the tube. Unable to remove the device, he was allowed to stand up, which was in the first moment a strange feeling for him, with the new device between his legs. He asked if he is not allowed to used his thing anymore. The answer was that he is from now only allowed to relases him self under strict control and only when he behaves well. So much question marks were visible, that i allow him to have an first impression.

As it is not healthy to keep the subject unreleased for a longer time, until further arrangements are taken, i showed him the only allowed way for that need. A cold machine with some plastic opening was now his girlfriend for some release. After a short time of resistance, he quickly take his fate and make himself happy in the milking machine.......

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