Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tales from the Sanatorium: Bad Boys get dressed...

Sometimes parents send there non behaving male youngsters, or even wifes there husbands or boyfriends to the sanatorium to underwent some treatmean in ettiquette, behaviour and style also. Depends on several details how far the education goes. In the last days we had a new one that arrives at the sanatorium for some education. After learning some very basic rules it was time for some shopping. The annoying outfit of our male debutant was not sufficient for the stay at the sanatorium. So we went a bit shopping, at first our new one was a bit surprised as we arrived at a vintage shop, the first question was: "Where is the area with the male clothes?". Badly i had to disapoint him. "There is no male area here." With a little smile we moved forward to the petticoats. One of the basic rules at the sanatorium is that new ones, have to wear nice petticoats in the beginning. And quicker than expected a nice set for dressing was selected.

As we arrive at home, the one becomes aware that the petticoat we bought, was not planned to be worn by me but was more for him. The natural defiance of male behaviour found the way. And the debutant was not willing to wear the new dress. Without any mercy he landed quickly on the knee on my knee and the result was a sore butt from the administered spanking. Afert some severe pain, and more other motivation he was willingliy to wear the bought petticoat. But he had to learn that for a complete nice dress more was required. Again unwillingly he has to stand in the corner of the classroom and wait for me to return to the room. I returnd with a set of panties, garters and stockings. And it was surely the first time in his life  he had to wear such things.

But remembering the spanking he had to edure to be dressed by me in  feminine underwear. As he was a bit to clumsy to dress into the stockings by himself he gets some help.

Finally he stand in the corner, dressed in nice stockings, panties and garters, and felt quite humilated. And it seems he still not understand why this happens to him. I told him that i know it will be a long way to learn for such a debutant the right behaviour.

But the dressing was not over. He could not wear the ugly boots he had before. So we looked for some more aprobriate shoes in the house, and found some mary jane shoes that were quite in the right size. He becomes more and more silent, after he had to taken on the shoes, and was allowed to look at himself for some time.

The rest of the dressing went without any resistance from him. Not willingly but without any further complains, maybe a bit resigned he let dress himself into the nice new white petticoat. I assmume the dressing into this give him an additional feeling to be punished....


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