Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some victorian fashion...

Today our debutant chrissi present some nice victorian fashion to us, that she had get in the last few weeks, as part of her new education to a perfect lady. As you may know at victorian times it was very well sperated which dresses a lady wears at what time. Different dresses for the morning, for tea time, evening or even for a ball. Today we see as first some dresses for going out. More on the general dressing ways of victorian times later on this blog.

First dress is a nice bit more tighter red ensemble.

Dress including the beautifull hat: GWD - Victorian gown - 1880s - Lady Sanguine from Courious Seamstress
Parasol (a lady goes never without):  ## CI ## Parasol - red
Jewlery: Eclectica Elizabeth pale diamond 

This brown bustle dress, chrissi complains always it is hard to walk in, makes a nice picture also.

Gown: TVC Victorian Walking Dress

Bonnet: White Linen Bonnet III (from marketplace)

Maybe a little bit easier it is to move in this dress ,besides because of the high collared blouse it looks a bit modest, but gives a nice view on her waist.

Dress: *HS* News Girl Collar

And this very nice dress as last. You will see more soon of chrissis fashion, as she has different dresses for staying at the academy, and also for special situations like going to a dance, or beach.

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