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Some spanking theory

I found some interesting more theoretically articles of spanking treatment in the web. Maybe that theories are also interesting for you and before they disapear some exceperts. The main theory is a bit male als domme and female as the reciver of the spanking, but is surely also in some areas true for other relationships. Not all points of this thoughts must be my meaning, but still an intersting arcticle to think about.

The complete articles can be found here....

Humiliating the inner child

When humiliating the inner child it is essential to psychologically bring
the woman down to a child-like state. Once the woman is in a child-like
state, emotionally speaking, she will readily respond to disciplinary
procedures. Such procedures are generally aimed at disciplining young
children. Both standard LDD and advanced techniques can be used to
great effect. The added bonus with using ALDD techniques is that the
advanced nature of the disciplines has a much more profound and
humiliating effect. If the woman’s HOH finds the LDD methods not
significantly humiliating, then he would be best advised to try the
advanced disciplinary methods. Advanced LDD techniques correspond to
the needs of both the inner child and inner slut.

Humiliation through scolding is essential to break through the adult
woman’s defences and tap into her inner child before her punishment.
Phrases like “You bad, bad girl, having a tantrum like that!” “You
naughty girl” “Come here young lady!” “If you are going to act like a
two year old then you will be treated as one!” “You bring your naughty
bottom to me for a spanking now!!” Or more emotive/ disappointed
type scolding, “Where has my good little girl gone?” 

Sometimes the HOH will sit her firmly on his knee to scold her. He will
use a condescending tone used for small children so that she can
effectively feel that she is in a vulnerable child-like state, thus, feel his
“adult” authority over her. Young children do not tend to have much of
an attention span; therefore, by holding her chin throughout her telling
off, forces her to have direct eye contact with her HOH, this triggers her
inner child instincts which serves her in her humiliation.

Corner time is very humiliating and child-like. Being made to stand in
the corner with her nose directly touching the wall is humiliating.
Corner time type of punishments can also be highly effective if used in a
more public area. For example, if she misbehaves in a crowded
supermarket her HOH could quietly stand her in a corner of the
supermarket for a short period of time. Any passers-by would just think
she is taking a long time to assess the quality of the tomatoes! This is
effective, however, since no one but the woman and HOH know that she
is being disciplined. The crowded public space adds wonders to her
increased humiliation.

Bed time as a punishment can be very humiliating, especially if it is
early enough (daylight outside) and she is put to bed for the night. Her
humiliation will naturally increase if she is put to bed before her own
children’s normal bed time. Naturally, her children need not know the
reasons for her going to bed before they do. They can just be told that
“Mummy isn’t feeling too well,” which (with a freshly spanked bottom)
wouldn’t really be too far from the truth! In order to properly access the
inner child it is essential for her HOH to actually put her to bed rather
than send her to bed. If he undresses her, gets her ready for bed and
supervises her going to the toilet and bathing/ brushing her teeth, this
will increase her humiliation.

Naturally, combining non-spanking disciplines with a soundly spanked
bottom can do wonders to increase the woman’s levels of humiliation
and improve the effectiveness of the discipline.

When positioning the woman for an inner child spanking it is important
to use positions generally aimed at naughty children. OTK (over the
knee) is very important it feels personally connected, vulnerable and
child like. Alternatives to this are being spanked in the nappy changing
position. Such a position can be deeply humiliating since it exposes a
woman’s private parts. This position may trigger feelings of helplessness
as experienced by very young children having their nappy changed. Or
(depending on her weight and size) being tucked under her HOH’s arm
and being spanked standing up. If she is really small in comparison to
her HOH and her HOH is strong enough, she can also be hoisted off the
floor in such a position. All the HOH has to do is firmly grip hold around
the back of her waist and lift her, so that her bottom is parallel with the
rest of her body. One of the major benefits of such a punishment is that
the elevation and feeling of suspension dramatically adds to the
woman’s vulnerability of size compared to her HOH’s. This then adds to
the woman’s increased humiliation which has directly accessed her inner

Having her panties slowly and firmly pulled down by her HOH, before
her spanking, is both humbling and humiliating. Likewise, having her
panties pulled back up after her spanking and having her clothes tucked
back into her jeans, whilst she is firmly reminded to behave, also adds
significantly to the humiliation process. If she is wearing a dress or skirt,
it would be more humiliating for the woman if her HOH were to bare her
bottom after she has been placed over his knee - simply because it
keeps the woman in suspense. Although deep down she knows that each
and every spanking is indeed on her bare bottom, allowing for
anticipation is very important. Once in a vulnerable position over the
knee, the sensation of having her dress or skirt lifted and panties pulled
down to her knees or beyond, is very humiliating. If the woman is
wearing trousers or jeans, then naturally her HOH will have to pull down
her jeans and panties whilst she stands in front him, prior to being
placed over the knee. Whilst her HOH is undressing her, he should force
eye contact with her and look at her sternly and reprimand her, prior to
her spanking.

Such a simple action, such as pulling down a naughty woman’s panties
and back up after punishment is very effective. Many women actually
find that this very simple act greatly increases their humiliation.
Sometimes even the most simplest action can increase a woman's
humiliation which help trigger memories of their childhood, thus access
her inner child.

Spanking with the hand is very important. The personal connection in a
hand spanking is crucial for the inner child, the sense of touch is
essential. The HOH is taking the woman back to what it felt like to be
disciplined as a small child. He is taking her back to what it feels like to
be a little girl again. Being reassured like a little girl by having her hand
held through out her spanking, plus comforting her using a soft tone of
voice, as if to reassure a terrified child, are all important elements of
triggering the emotions inside her inner child.

The actual severity of the spanking is not really the issue here. An inner
child spanking is more to do with accessing deep rooted emotions which
helps the woman reconnect with her feminine psyche at a much deeper
and profound level. A spanking of medium force which goes on for about
an hour or more is ideal for tapping into the emotions of the inner child.

If the woman finds it difficult to cry then sometimes connecting with
past childhood artefacts such as a teddy can release immediate tears.
Just the sight and smell of her teddy can immediately remind her of her
childhood. Some women find that taking their teddy with them over
their HOH’s knee will induce the onset of tears fairly rapidly. It is
amazing how powerful the senses can be. The sense of smell (of smelling
that old familiar smell associated with her childhood) can regress the
woman right back into feeling some of those powerful emotions she
once felt as a child. This is also why a number of women feel that a loud
spanking is more effective than a quiet one. In this case the sense of
sound (hearing her actual spanking) can instil a greater fear into her, as
opposed to an implement which doesn’t emit much sound at all.

Usually after punishing the woman via her inner child, she will feel very
emotional and vulnerable. Sufficient aftercare is essential. Even if the
spanking wasn’t very hard or severe, emotionally the woman may have
been taken to a very frightening place. Some women may have built
very strong defences around their femininities; this may have been the
first time that they felt connection with their inner child and
rediscovered their femininity. If the woman cries for the first time this
is a great bonus. Crying after an inner child spanking can render the
woman very fragile and clingy to her HOH. She may need to cling to him
and cry for a long time. During this time her HOH can hold her, caress
her and lovingly reassure her. Whilst being lovingly held on his lap he
can wrap her up in a blanket and continue holding her until she falls
asleep in his arms.

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