Friday, January 24, 2014

Some more new vintage dresses

As said in my last posting about vintage dresses, i planned to buy some more dresses from Ivalde Vintage Fashion - and as i like to shop it takes not long until that happens.

First new dress is called Lorelei Teal Dress, a neat 50s Houndstooth Style Suit with nice calf long pencil dress. I like especially the realy tight belt around the waist, witch could match perfectly to the corset that is maybe worn under the dress. Price for this suit: 300L$ - availabe in four different colours

Second vintage dress is a more 40s style suit, with a nice line of buttons the hem of the skirt is slightly higher than on the 50s dress but still covers your knees.

Together with that i "visited" the hairdresser and found some nice hairstyles that match to vintage fashion at Amacci called Jessica and Viola both for 200L$ and certainly available in a huge selection of different colours. I like blonde the most :)

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