Monday, January 27, 2014

Schoolgirl lesbians naked

I has been some time since I last posted about my wife Linda's schoolgirl lesbian relationship with Lilly.  The mutual masturbation sessions which the two young girls so enjoyed usually took place in a slightly furtive fashion - in Lilly's bedroom, in a garden hut, in changing rooms.  For this reason in almost all cases the only clothing the girls removed was their panties - still that meant they could freely get at each other's cunts.

However, one night Lilly stayed over with Linda and they were able to share a bed.  As soon as all was quiet both girls removed their pj's.  They were able to fondle and nuzzle one another's budding young breasts and to press their bodies against one another.  Linda opened her legs and Lilly lay between them "like a man" as she said.  They rubbed their pubic mounds together but Linda tells me this did not provide enough stimulation so they soon returned to using their fingers on each other and so gave one another orgasms....

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