Sunday, January 26, 2014

Post 79

Sexist office worker tip

They CAN get in the way

Sandy had just the right thong for those windy days

And you wonder how producers decide WHICH attractive starlet to hire for the next movie?

There's something about the combination of bikes and bitches.

Unfortunately, the photographer didn't follow the shirt's advice.

Uh, guys? Don't do this unless it's your girlfriend.

Chick with a fact? Gotta wonder about those Bill Gates' stories.

I suppose there's a fetish for that.

All sorts of humor and wisdom combined.

Wonder Woman? Sort of makes you wonder...

Only Hermione would know. She was the smart one.

Exercise keeps her in shape.

Joke time

In a survey conducted earlier this week, 1,000 American blondes were asked if they would sleep with Tiger Woods.
Eighty-nine percent responded, "Never again."

When girls go wild in Vegas

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