Friday, January 24, 2014

Pandora caned and fucked in the arse...

Pandora Blake has posted an account of her birthday caning.  You can find the link over on the right and I urge you to visit her blog.  Here is an extract.  Pandora had dressed in school uniform for a very hard caning.  She describes what happened next as she lay on her tummy naked except for white knee socks...

"I was ridiculously horny after that, but he surprised me yet again, staying where he was and teasing me with the pressure of his cock against my arsehole.....He teased me there with his cock, asking if there was anything I wanted, until I confessed, blushing and hiding my face in my hands, that maybe it would be sort of hot. I was still bent over the foot of the bed and he fucked me there, squeezing the fresh cane welts under his palms, claiming my bottom inside and out. Being buggered after a caning is one of my recurring fantasies, and it was all the hotter for being a surprise. I was so desperately aroused by that point that I came pretty quickly".

Pandora is a beautiful girl with a backside that begs for exactly what she got!

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