Sunday, January 26, 2014

New victorian/edwardian Fashion

Today some new dresses i get recently into my closet. The first attire is a afternoon dress for wearing throughout the week, mostly used when lessons to our students are done.

Dress : Montagne Noire - La Vie en Ville - ruby 
Gloves: CKD Chantilly Lace Gloves Rose Pink
Shoes (hardly seen :) ): VvB 6inch COURT Shoe BLACK
Jewelery: Lazuri Classic Pearl Necklace
Makeup: [Curves]Vamp Make up 

The summer is near, but the next winter will follow also, that is for sure. So i get this new winter outfit. For a complete mesh Outfit it looks good, as i am often not satisfied with the qualtiy of mesh outfits.

Mesh Outfit: ~LP~ Tattersall Suit (only available on the Marketplace)

And yes even in victorian or edwardian Times it sometime up to, to show a bit more, especially when going out in the evening.

Dress: CP Victoria from CRAZY PASTRY DESIGNS

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