Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New place - New Home

As written before, i decided to tear down my old house and make something new. I did not planned to do it so quick, but some message from my current landlord that they have to close down the Island where i was living on forced the move a bit.

So after some days of moving prims around, the new place is sofar finished that it can be visited. Of course a place or a house is never finished, and also there is a lot to do still until i will say it meet my taste completly. This time the new place is mainly a public place. Some Diner placed somewhere beteween 1945 and 1965 with some vintage theme. So a bit Pin-Up, maybe Bourlesque, vintage Place with some thrill from Bettie Page in mind. The place is a mixture out of hangout and place to have some more sophisticated Fun.

It is open for all, but lovers of a bit vintage style are welcomed, of course also and especially some light RP in this setting is also welcome. Maybe i will improve the place for that a bit over the next weeks and months. (Some RL vacation will result in a break over the next weeks on that)

Besides the 50s inspired diner, with some dancing area or maybe hangout in the back you also will find a motel on that place. A special motel of course, with some entertaining rooms.

And for the more relaxing moments in live, visit the beach and have some fun or recreation at the seaside.

You can visit Beauty Parade (thats the name of that place) HERE!

A opening party will follow also in mid of september. So see you there latest....

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