Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Next Project

Do you guys know about this website, Postsecret? It's this place where people can send in their secrets, written out on a self-made postcard. They come out with new postcards every Sunday. It's a pretty awesome site. 
I was talking with Husband about postcards we would send in, if we were ever struck with the sudden initiative. Mine would most likely be something about my mom. 
"Mine would definitely be kinky," he said.
"Oh?" I said. "Like what?"
"Like me holding a big huge paddle," he said, chuckling. "Maybe the one Mrs. Maguire gave us."
"What would the postcard say?"
"I'm lonely," he said, and burst out laughing. I laughed, too.
"Oh my god, that's SO EMO," I said, and he laughed harder. If you know Husband, you know he's not an Emo kind of guy. At All.
"We should send a whole series of Emo postcards with kinky pictures," I said. "They won't know what to do with them!"
"They won't publish them," Husband said, dismissing the idea.
You know who'd publish them? You know who, lovely kinksters?
I'm going to start a whole series of BDSM pictures with Emo messages. I invite you all to make your own. You should try it, it's fun! Here's a few to get you started. 

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